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Just use the code SPOOKY when placing an order online, or mention it to your rep when you call in an order; and get free shipping!

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Summer, Summer, Summer Time

The shoemaker’s child always goes barefoot….

I’ve been meaning to write more but I haven’t been able to schedule the time. It seems like just yesterday I posted the January Wrap Up, now it’s the beginning of summer, where did the spring go?!

The past few months have been crazy to say the least.


New Products:

NHM Distributing, Keeping it Simple since ’09


January Wrap Up

January is over? WTF? Where did the month go? Besides spending 12 hour days and late nights at the office. I had pleasure (extreme sarcasm) of being in Las Vegas for two weeks this month for four trade shows; Affiliate Summit, SHOT Show, AGE and CHAMPS.

While I usually attend the SHOT Show, which is the largest Firearm and Sporting Expo, every January not only to check out the latest tactical gear and to buy for our site Go Survival Gear, but mainly the SHOT show is my little vacation at the beginning of the year. However this year CHAMPS and AGE were bumped up (who knows why) which made my vacation none existence. When not walking around or in some meeting I had to work on our customers marketing materials, and get ready for the show.

While most of you know the CHAMPS and AGE shows have traditionally been held in March, this year they were the week of January 19th. While we planned in advanced the shows still crept up on us quickly. We have been focusing not only on revamping our wholesale website, but we also did construction in the warehouse and re-skued our entire inventory system.

For those of you who went to CHAMPS I hope you had a chance to stop by our booth. The girls killed it with an awesome display and an even greater personal presence. For anyone who didn’t stop by make sure to check out our specials.

It has definitely been a busy month. I am really proud of my team and what we have accomplished and I am excited to see what the rest of 2014 holds. Btw, we surpassed our sales goals – while we tend not to focus on the numbers, it is definitely a plus when we surpass our goals. But even if we didn’t hit our numbers it would have been understandable.

Also be sure to check out some of the new smoke shop products we picked up:

NHM Distributing, Keeping it Simple since ’09


Why we switched NHM’s Website

I know people hate change. People hate changing diapers, flat tires and they especially hate it when you switch a website on them overnight! Trust me, with the amount of money the old system cost me I wouldn’t have scrapped it unless I thought it was necessary to switch our eCommerce shopping cart. But I did, and here we are with a brand new fresh, shiny, and – most importantly – mobile responsive website.

You might be asking yourself  how the heck this mobile responsive website thingy is important and how it will help. As some of you know I also own a web marketing company, Green Scene Marketing, and have noticed a rise in the amount of people using a phone or tablet to surf the net. In the past 18 months about half of ALL traffic is coming from a mobile device. Our old, jankity site did not farewell with mobile devices and to be honest it looked like Poo. So we brewed more coffee and put in some more late nights to bring to you this. The theme of our redesign was “Keeping it Simple” – We have  built our site with the goal of making your shopping experience as easy as possible.

Let me explain a few of the features:

  • Mobile Responsive Design – Our website design ensures your ordering process will work seamlessly on BOTH a regular computer and your phone or tab.
  • Built in Pricing Tiers- Automatically receive your quantity discounts in your shopping cart when you hit the quantity price breaks. Learn more on our pricing tiers.
  • Wholesale Only – Our site is setup to allow for only wholesale buyers to be able to purchase products. If you would like to request a login please register as a reseller.
  • Like product combination – easily add similar products to your shopping cart.
  • Wholesale Resources – Make sure to check out our smoke shop wholesale resources to learn more about our products,  download price sheets and other buyer resources.
  • Bad Assness – needs no explaining.

If you experience any errors, or have a suggestion for the site please use the contact form to email me.



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