Detox Guide

Detox Drinks

The drinks work as a kidney flush. They overload the body with vitamin b and other naturally occurring nutrients and vitamins. Detox drinks are designed for effective urine cleanses. Consume the detox drinks followed by at least one refill of water. Urinate 2-3 times after ingesting the detox drink and excess water. You will now have 5 hours of clean urine.

The different sizes are based upon weight. 16 oz is for those up to 200 pounds, 32 oz for 200-340 lbs.

Soft Detox Gel-Caps

An effective replacement for the magnum detox 32 oz drink. This is ONE soft gel. Instantly begins the detoxification process. Avoid food 3 hours before use. Take the soft gel with 48 oz of water. Effective for 5 hours. This is a discrete detox and less inconspicuous when compared to the Detox Drinks (simply swallow the soft gel and drink lots of water).

Permanent Detox Cleanser

The permanent cleanser is a week long program that will flush your blood, urine and saliva of all toxins. Designed for a heavier body mass and high toxin levels, this is the only type of blood detox available (there is no temporary blood detox).  The program consists of specially formulated capsules and works by ingesting 4 pills and 3 glasses of water with every meal for 7 days. 84 total capsules.

Saliva Cleansing Mouth Wash

Simple and instant acting mouth wash detox. Swish the contents in your mouth for 3 minutes then spit it out. The saliva in the mouth is now effectively clean of all toxins for 45 minutes.

Hair Purifying Shampoo

Detox shampoo will temporarily remove toxins from your hair follicles. While in the shower, wet the hair, use half the bottle of shampoo and firmly massage into the hair and scalp for 3-5 minutes. Rinse.  Repeat with the rest of the shampoo. Towel, style or dry your hair (no gels or sprays). The hair is clean of toxins for the next 8 hours.[/fusion_text][/one_half][fusion_text]SATISFACTION GUARANTEED ON ALL DETOX PRODUCTS BY THE MANUFACTURER

NOTE – Some Toxins are stored in fat cells. To maximize the effectiveness of any detox program, drink lots of water and other diuretics, urinate frequently, exercise (sweat), and avoid fatty or salty foods.