Happy hazey holidays from the NHM Crew! This month is crazy-busy with our industry’s biggest holiday at the end of the month. Our warehouse is swamped, but all orders placed by April 9th are ensured to get to your shop on time.

April Sale: Dabbers 

This month we’re offering 10% off some of our favorite dabbers, including the entire Yo Dabbers line by Yo Dabba Dabba and all of our non-branded dabbers. Get glass scoopers, stainless steel dabbers, silicone scrapers, dab claws, and more at a killer discount!

The Yo Mobile Is Out and About 

Have we stopped by your shop?! Holler at us if you’re in the Phoenix area to take advantage of free delivery by the beautiful, smiling Terp Tina! Our calendar will keep you up to date on our scheduled routes, so if you see we’re headed your way place an order at least 24 hours prior to be added to our stops!

What’s New?

Our website makes it easy to keep up with new products. Check out the New tab for a full listing of our latest products, updated regularly!