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If you’re looking to cash-in on the concentrate trend, stock up on this essential dab tool. Carb caps are like collector’s items for many customers. And, they come in tons of different styles, designs, colors, and price points—with something that works for every type of customer. Decorate your cases or stock your shelves, because this tool is a necessity for many and it won’t hang out in your store for long. 

As a top carb cap supplier, our inventory has the latest and the greatest. We keep up on the newest styles and stay true to timeless designs that everyone loves. We carry quartz, glass, and titanium with options that work for different budgets. We offer Yo Dabba Dabba and non-branded caps that are compatible with many different styles of nails and bangers, and other dab accessories like terp pearls and inserts. Get some wholesale carb caps today.

Yo Dabba Dabba Carb Caps | Glass Carb Caps & Dabbers

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Yo Dabba Dabba Carb Caps

Glass Carb Caps & Dabbers

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