Nowadays the kratom craze is widespread and well known. But, when we first started supplying kratom in 2015, customers and shops were just beginning to hear about the benefits of this natural herbal supplement.

It didn’t take long for the DEA to issue a letter of intent to ban Kratom and categorize it as a Schedule I drug. This would not only inhibit hundreds of thousands of people from using the herb, but it would prevent kratom from being researched for medicinal and therapeutic effects.

We advocated for our shops and their customers, printing tens of thousands of business cards to spread the word on the petition against the ban, and shared different ways to have your voice heard. The petition got tons of signatures and as of today, kratom is not controlled under the Controlled Substances Act.

As a pioneer in kratom, it was a natural progression to offer our own in-house brand, Natural Health Botanicals. Over the years we found that other brands were inconsistent or unreliable, and we wanted to offer our shops an always-on-point kratom connection. NHB is always high-quality, finely-ground, and purely sourced.

Our October sale offers 10% off all kratom. NHB and Kratzilla are available in powder or capsules, in various quantities—including bulk. Get in on this sale and see how selling kratom can seriously increase your shop’s revenue.