Red Dawn Sleep Walker – 20 capsule bottles

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Sleep Walker dietary supplement is one of the finest natural mood enhancers available on the market today. Sleep Walker energy pill promotes a euphoric state with enhanced sensitivity to touch and an overall happier mood. The pleasurable effects provided by Red Dawn’s euphoria capsules Sleep Walker last up to 8 hours and are unlike any other party pill. Sleep Walker was designed for multi-purpose use – 2 capsules to boost your mood or 4 party pills for the maximum euphoric pleasure. Start your night properly with Sleep Walker, from Red Dawn.

Red Dawn Sleepwalker – This is product helps with 4 main areas:

  • Great mood
  • Energy
  • Focus
  • Stress

It is great for pulling an all-nighter when you have to cram for that test, a bad day, fighting a hangover, getting that daily list done, or energy when you are run down. There are twenty capsules in a bottle. The serving size is two capsules. We recommend that you start with two and see how you feel before consuming any more. If you decide to consume more: Do not drink, drive, or operate heavy machinery.

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