While as a company policy we will happily accept returns of any products you are not able to sell, there are certain types of products we cannot accept.

Those include discontinued products, or outdated versions of items we still carry, as well as items that expire such as kratom and drug tests.

The products we cannot take back are as follows:

  • Female Joints
  • Quartz bangers with 10mm bowl
  • Quartz bangers with S neck
  • Troughs
  • Trough carb caps
  • 10mm carb caps
  • Sumo caps
  • Non-seamless or branded terp slurps
  • Ceramic nails
  • Quartz domeless nails
  • Kegs
  • Non-beveled flat tops
  • Steppers
  • Ti nails (excluding 20 and 16mm eNails)
  • Domeless nails with ceramic base
  • Kratom
  • Drug Tests

Quartz Bangers with 10mm bowl

Quartz Banger with S neck

Quartz Banger with S neck

Quartz Trough

Trough Cap

10mm Quartz Caps

Sumo Caps

Non-Seamless & Generic Terp Slurps

Ceramic Nails

Ceramic Nails

Quartz Domeless Nails

Thermal Kegs

Flat Top Quartz Bangers

Non-Beveled Flat Tops


Quartz Stepper Nails

Adjustable Titanium Nail

Titanium Nails

Domeless Nail with Ceramic Base