Dab Nails

Dab tools are easily the fastest growing market in the smoke shop industry today, and nails are at the center of this lucrative niche. 

As a longstanding wholesale dab nail supplier, our expansive nail inventory reflects the latest styles and classics in every size any customer would need. All of our styles are available in 10, 14, or 19mm, male or female, with a neck angle of 45 or 90°. We carry nails made from the fan-favorite: 100% quartz dab nails, and also offer other styles made from grade 2 titanium and a few ceramic nails. 

Styles include flat top bangers, eBangers built for use with an electronic nail, opaque-bottom, core, beveled, thermal and more. We have all the wholesale dab nails you need. 

If you’re new to this scene, our reps are here to help you navigate and tap into any demographic your shop is missing. Our biggest supplier, Yo Dabba Dabba, has tons of educational materials available for you, your employees, and customers.

Quartz | Titanium | Ceramic

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Quartz Nail

Titanium Nails

We carry a large selection of grade 2 titanium nails and dabbers. We have tested our dabbing tools with a metal alloy analyzer to ensure we’re providing top quality Stainless Steel and Grade 2 titanium.

Ceramic Nails

NHM is your source for wholesale ceramic nails and carb caps. The Yo Dabba Dabba ceramic’s are branded the same as all the Yo Dabba Dabba products.

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