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Dabbing 101: What is Dabbing?Login to View Prices & Shop
Dabbing 102: Dabbing ToolsLogin to View Prices & Shop
Dabbing 103: Joint Size GuideLogin to View Prices & Shop
Dabbing 201: Temperature GuideLogin to View Prices & Shop
Dabbing 202: Enail UnboxingLogin to View Prices & Shop
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Educational series of pamphlets that cover the fundamentals of dabbing. Each item includes 50 brochures.

Dabbing 101: What is Dabbing?

  •  What is Dabbing?
  •  Different Types of Consumption
  •  Benefits of Dabbing
  •  How to Dab

Dabbing 102: Dabbing Tools

  • Different Types of Nails
  • Carb Caps
  • Accessories

Dabbing 103: Joint Size Guide

  • Different Variations Per Style
  • Joint Sizes
  • Joint Angle
  • Joint Sex

Dabbing 201: Temperature Guide

  • Low/High Temp Dabs
  • Importance of Temperatures
  • Heating Different Nails
  • Being Aware of Your Surroundings

Dabbing 202: Enail Unboxing

  • What Is An E-Nail
  • Components of An E-Nail
  • How It Works

Dab University Certificate Pack

  • Personalized & Framed Shop Graduation Certificate
  • Dabbing 101: What is Dabbing? (Pack)
  • Dabbing 102: Dab Tools (Pack)
  • Dabbing 103: Joint Size Guide (Pack)
  • Dabbing 201: Temperature Guide (Pack)
  • Dabbing 202: eNail Unboxing (Pack)
  • Yo Dabba Dabba Trifold Display Holder
  • YouTube Postcard (Pack)
  • ‘Graduated Highest in my Class’ Bumper Sticker

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Course Lesson

Dab University Certificate Pack, Dabbing 101: What is Dabbing?, Dabbing 102: Dabbing Tools, Dabbing 103: Joint Size Guide, Dabbing 201: Temperature Guide, Dabbing 202: Enail Unboxing, YouTube Flyer


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