Yo Dabba Dabba – Quartz Dripper – 5 pack

Yo Dabba Dabba – Quartz Dripper – 5 pack

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Crafted from top-quality quartz, this specialized insert is designed to offer your customers precise control over low temp dabs.

24 - 9596 - 1000

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Easy to use, customers simply heat their nail, apply concentrates to the insert, and drop the insert into the nail. The indirect heat from the nail will slowly melt the wax inside the insert, which drips into the banger for complete vaporization at low temperatures.

The quartz material is perfect for heat retention, but also preserves the flavor of the terpenes, making it a necessity for connoisseurs who prioritize flavor above all else. Each insert proudly features the iconic “Yo!” logo etched onto its surface, adding a touch of style to every dab rig.

This versatile accessory isn’t limited to just the basics. Smoke shop owners can recommend it alongside other accessories like compatible bucket-style nails, terp pearls and spinner caps.

Comes 5 per pack in various sizes.

Make sure the customer gets one that fits their nail.


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