Quartz Pillars – 10 pack

Quartz Pillars – 10 pack

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Quartz pillars are premium-grade dabbing accessories that preserve essential compounds and enhance the dabbing experience. Wholesale options are available for businesses looking to provide their customers with high-quality and durable dabbing accessories.

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YO Pattern
Lattice Pattern

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Quartz pillars are premium-grade accessories used with terp slurp style nails or other quartz nails or bangers that help to enhance the flavors and vapor quality of dabs. Wholesale options are available for businesses looking to provide their customers with high-quality and durable dabbing accessories that work a lot like terp pearls by providing even heat distribution by swirling concentrates around.

Choose from two designs, with the first being a 35mm Yo Dabba Dabba pillar etched with the company’s YO! logo, which customers will appreciate from a highly sought-after accessory brand. Additionally, offer your customers a shorter 20mm pillar with a beautiful lattice pattern etched into the surface.

These pillars are made from premium-grade quartz and work with terp slurp style nails and other bangers or nails to maximize the flavors and aromas of concentrates. They preserve essential compounds, such as terpenes, and produce smooth and dense vapor clouds, making them a popular choice among experienced dabbers.

Quartz pillars are easy to use – just place them inside a dab rig’s banger or nail and heat them up to a specific temperature. Once heated, drop concentrates onto the quartz pillars, which will vaporize them, producing a pure and flavorful vapor for inhalation. They work much like terp pearls or other quartz inserts by providing extra heat retention and moving concentrates around.

Overall, quartz pillars are a must-have accessory for any dab rig enthusiast. If your business is looking to provide a practical and high-quality storage solution for dab tools, consider adding quartz pillars to your product line.


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