SI Handheld Pipe

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Scientific Inhalations has developed a breakthrough in filtration technology with “SI Handheld Pipe” using a “Activated Virgin Coconut Carbon” and “Organic Cotton” Filtration System. The world is moving towards green technology, people are putting more value in their health. Scientific Inhalations is in step with both of those values. There is a big push to clean up our environment. McFinn’s Original Filter System was created to help clean up your personal inner environment by providing you with a filtration system developed to give you a cleaner, cooler, smoother experience while still maintaining the potency of your smoke.

Each Handheld pipe comes with a sample of Activated Virgin Coconut Carbon, Organic Cotton and one Bamboo Pick.

Directions for use:

  1. Take the Glass Filter Tube and fill about half way full with the Activated Virgin Coconut Carbon.
  2. Take the Organic Cotton and unravel one piece to loosen it.
  3. Take a small piece with your pick, and push the Organic Cotton upwards against the Carbon. (DO NOT PACK THE COTTON INTO THE TUBE.) Make sure it is loosely filled as this will create an easier draw.
  4. Fill the Glass Filter Tube up to the frosted part of the “joint”.
  5. Insert smaller portion of the Mouth Piece into the Filter end, then Gently insert whole piece into the Main Pipe Piece.

Start off with very small inhalations and over time you will determine how much of a draw you can take. Over time you will find what your personal needs are with regard to how often you change your carbon and cotton. It is suggested that you change the Coconut Carbon when you notice that the cresol or tar has covered the carbons; and to change your Organic Cotton when you notice that the cotton is turning a brownish color. As for washing your Haldheld Pipe, simply rinse with rubbing alcohol and warm water or use a commercial cleaner found at your local smoke shop.


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