Terp Tube – Reclaimer

Box Qty 10
Case Qty 30
Joint StyleDegreePriceQuantity
10mm Female90$10.00
10mm Female45$10.00
10mm Male90$10.00
10mm Male45$10.00
14mm Female90$10.00
14mm Female45$10.00

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14mm Male90$10.00

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14mm Male45$10.00

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19mm Female90$10.00
19mm Female45$10.00
19mm Male90$10.00

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19mm Male45$10.00

Out of stock

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The glass reclaimer keeps the water pipe clean from residual concentrates and collects it in a silicone container for reuse. Available in all joint sizes (10, 14, 19, male or female) with either a 45 or 90-degree joint angle.


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