Yo Dabber – Resin Handle Dabbers

Yo Dabber – Resin Handle Dabbers

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A resin easy-grip handle and precise control over concentrates at all consistencies sets these colorful dabbers apart from traditional dab tools. Choose from five different styles.

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Enhance your wholesale inventory with these beautiful and precise dabbers from Yo Dabba Dabba. Combining aesthetic appeal with an easy-grip resin handle in a ton of great colors, your customers will appreciate their quality and performance.

Each dabber features a vibrant resin handle that’s easier to use and hold compared to traditional dabbers, and proudly showcases the iconic “Yo! Dabber” logo etched onto the side. Choose from five distinct styles: Leaf, Glaive, Trowel, File and Paddle — each designed to meet the needs of various concentrate consistencies.

Leaf Dabber:

The Leaf Dabber boasts a design reminiscent of a leaf and excels in handling crumbly or waxy textures.

Glaive Dabber:

With a unique curved blade shape, the Glaive Dabber is perfect for thicker concentrates, such as shatter or resin, by providing a clean cutting edge.

Trowel Dabber:

Emulating the look of a garden shovel, the Trowel Dabber is an ideal choice for dealing with sticky and gooey concentrates like budder or sap.

File Dabber:

The File Dabber, with its long, skinny, and flat shape, is used for breaking apart larger, chunkier concentrates, particularly those with crumble or pull-and-snap textures.

Paddle Dabber:

With a long, wide, and flat shape, the Paddle Dabber is a superb tool for handling soft, buttery concentrates like rosin or live resin.


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