Grinders are a classic smoking accessory. No matter how advanced our industry becomes, there will always be a desire for this simple tool. Though breaking up herb can be done by hand, grinders streamline the job making the process quicker, cleaner, and much easier. Some styles offer additional functionality and perks that can’t be accomplished without their help, like kief separation and storage. Join us as we review the top choices of wholesale grinders for your shop.

Types of herb grinders

Grinders are available in various price points that work for every customer’s budget and the price tag depends on the style, make, and brand though even the simplest design gets the job done.  They are typically categorized based upon the number of detachable pieces.

2 Piece – As the most affordable option, 2 piece grinders don’t offer any bells and whistles. They are typically the smallest style, so it makes a great choice for customers who want to grind on the go. Two halves open in the middle with teeth on both interior pieces. The herb is sandwiched between the two pieces that are rotated to grind the material.  Once the desired consistency is reached, the pieces are separated and the herb can be tapped out and emptied onto a table or rolling try. These grinders are usually short and stout.

3 Piece – This step-up includes the two standard teeth pieces that grind the material, plus an additional chamber where the ground material collects for easy emptying without having to fully disassemble the entire unit.

4 Piece – The gold standard of grinders includes all tools of a 3-piece grinder outlined above, plus an additional chamber that features a metal mesh screen for filtering and storing fine particles. This style of grinder is a solid suggestion for customers who are really into their herbs or expect exceptional functionality from this type of product.

Magnetic vs. Non-Magnetic – The top portion of some metal grinders has a magnet placed in the center creating an easy-close lid. It also makes overall functionality much more smooth and keeps the grinder together if it’s taken on the go.


Most wholesale grinders are made from acrylic, metal, or wood. Preference depends on the customer, so it’s a good idea to build out your inventory with a few different styles that can appeal to different people.

Acrylic Grinder
This is the cheapest option out there and is more of a single-use product for customers who forget their grinder at home or are traveling. Grinders made from acrylic tend to get sticky quickly.

Metal Grinder
A top choice for many customers and shops, metal grinders are durable, efficient, and easy to maintain. Most wholesale metal grinders are made from aluminum or titanium and are available in standard styles or more expensive options like a four-piece design.

Electric Grinder
It’s not too difficult to operate a manual grinder, but an electric option may appeal to some customers. They have come a long way in recent years and work much better than electric grinders of the past (and not all require a constant connection to power).

Wood Grinder 
This material typically puts aesthetics above function, and it more of a novelty item for someone who prefers the look of wood. Though, wooden grinders are typically more efficient than acrylic options.

American Name Brands vs. Imports
It can be a good idea to stock both well-known American-made brands and more affordable imports in your shop. Doing so ensures that your inventory can appeal to all different types of customers. Some are interested in making an investment in a product that will last, while others are in need of something cheap to get the job done. Both will allow you to have a diverse grinder selection with brands that get customers in the door and options for others.

American Name Brands – Phoenician Engineering, Santa Cruz Shredder, SharpStone, Cali Crusher, Space Case, and Mendo Mulcher are all names customers will recognize. These brands represent the top of the line, American-made grinders. With MSRP prices that range from $19 – $90, and styles that include two to four pieces from high-quality materials, American made grinders are durable pieces your customers can count on.

American-Made vs. Import – Foreign metals tend to be thinner, cheaper, and can scrape off during grinding. Many American-made brands offer lab reports and testing on their materials to ensure safety.