Shoppers are returning to brick-and-mortar stores in a big way this holiday season! Make the most of your foot traffic with a few tips that are sure to boost sales.

1. Display stocking stuffers by the register

Make last-minute add-ons convenient for customers by placing stocking stuffers and accessories at arm’s reach. Marble sets from Yo Dabba Dabba, Doob Tubes, BBG honeycomb crutches, and Nectar Collectors are some of our favorite options.

2. Create and display gift baskets

Another way to streamline purchases during the holiday season is to bundle and wrap gift baskets. Create a full dab setup including a rig, quartz dab nail, carb cap, dabber, and other accessories like terp pearls and inserts, and box it up with a bow. Or, fill a gift bag with smoking accessories like a water pipe and ash catcher from Terp Tube.

3. Sales

Sales are a great way to get customers in the door, and the holiday season is no exception! BOGOs are the highest performing type of sale, but promoting any deals and specials you have going on throughout the month will definitely entice holiday shoppers and encourage people to purchase more products.

4. Throw a holiday event

Shops that host events strengthen brand identity, community connection and relationships with new and returning customers. Sure, hosting a party takes time, money and effort–but the payoff seems to be more than worth it. Host a holiday party at your shop during operational hours, invite local glass blowers or a band, promote a sale, and watch customers fill your shop.

5. Offer gift certificates

Sometimes customers don’t have the time, energy or will to shop. Make last-minute shopping quick and easy for customers with gift cards. You can create and print your own – just make sure to discuss the protocol with all employees!

6. Cross-sell

Smoke shop products are easily cross-sellable! Rigs always need a nail and carb cap to function properly, and customers are always happy to hear about accessories that will make their smoking experience even smoother. Our reps are always happy to provide product education and suggestions. Just call us!

7. Holiday social media posts

Everyone’s scrolling all the time. Keep your shop in customers’ minds with social media posts throughout the month that showcase all your holiday gift options, any sales or promotions, and holiday hours. Publish posts dedicated to certain products or categories each week to showcase your broad inventory of products and give customers gift ideas.