As a member of the NHM Distributing family, it’s our responsibility to ensure that we all grow and thrive together. Here are some helpful tips to maximize the potential of your stores and increase your sales.

1. Keep your doors open

An open door to your store is a personal invitation to the customer that says, “Come on in.” A neon sign or simple poster with store hours is unfriendly and can be discouraging to motorists. Seeing a door propped open is a friendly and hospitable way to encourage people to come inside and browse. This simple gesture has shown to increase sales by as much as 30%. During summer and winter months when weather is an issue, a sandwich board or stand alone sign works well too. The important thing is to offer the customer a visual invitation that you are open and would appreciate them entering your store.

2. Always exceed customer expectations

Now that a potential customer has entered your store it is important to make that person feel welcomed. A friendly greeting (Hi, how are you doing today?) and an offer of help (Can I help you find anything?) will allow the customer to relax and feel at ease while shopping. A happy and content shopper is much more likely to spend money in your store. A lack of attentiveness will result in potential customers being disgruntled and walking out. Go that extra step for the customer and they’ll be more likely to return. What do we mean by the extra step? It can be anything memorable, from an unexpected discount to a free promo item or simply spending 5 minutes explaining a product. A happy customer is a returning customer.

3. Use music wisely

Music is a proven tool to help draw people in to a targeted area. It also helps the subconscious mind pass the time, meaning a customer will spend longer looking around your store. However, this is only true when the music being played is pleasing and at an appropriate volume level. Be careful not to alienate shoppers with overly loud or inappropriate music (I’m looking at you Thrash Metal and Dubstep!).

4. Maximize shelf space and line of sight

The first thing a potential customer sees when entering your store are the items you place at eye level. The line of sight in your store should be a showcase of the best selling and wondrous items that you offer. Glass tubes, tobacco products and other best sellers should be visible and easily accessible for the customer. For instance, if you only sell a few hookahs a month, you are losing money by placing these slow items in the prime real estate.

5. Consider the placement of your cash register

Speaking of prime real estate, the placement of your cash register is vital to the operation of your store. Every customer must approach this area. Place your register too far in the front of your shop and people will have no reason to walk towards the back. Placing the register too far in the rear of the store can lead to theft and poor customer service. Think about the directional flow of traffic in your store and put your cash register at the optimal place. Most importantly, behind every register at eye level is THE place to show off new and exciting products (as well as high margin and impulse purchases). Every paying customer must look in that direction. Take full advantage of this fact!

6. Always ask “What else?”

What else can I get you? What else do you need? What else are you interested in? What else would you like? What else can I do for you today? These simple phrases will help you exceed customer expectations and quickly lead to additional sales.

Just because a person is at the register does not mean they are done shopping. Do not miss the add-on opportunity. If someone is buying a detox cleanser, offer them a substance of abuse test. If someone is buying a vaporizer, offer them a grinder. If someone is buying tobacco, offer them a lighter. Every item in your store should have at least one additional add-on. The up-sell of additional and paired items is a proven tool to increase overall sales.

Following these time-honored selling guidelines will enable your store to maximize its potential and increase your bottom line. Together with NHM Distributing we can all continue to succeed!