The NHM crew is pumped to welcome the latest in-house brand: Terp Tube. Our passion for concentrate accessories and years of wholesale smoke shop supply experience inspired us to found a brand that’s dedicated to providing top quality dab tools and accessories that consumers like us enjoy using.

The first product debut from Terp Tube is the Glass Reclaimer. This tool is available in every joint style with either a 45° or 90° neck angle, with a frosted joint that ensures a snug fit with a rig.

The reclaimer is designed to work with a quartz nail. The nail fits inside the top of the reclaimer allowing any residual waste to be collected in the silicone container and sparing the water pipe of any mess. Terp Tube reclaimers come packaged with an extra silicone jar for additional storage.

Keep an eye out for Terp Tube’s next release, a Quartz Beaker Kit. Additional inventory is in the works and includes various styles of water pipes.