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Dabbing Innovations

Developments are never far away in the exciting world of dabbing. Still a relatively new method for ingesting your herbals, dabbing provides numerous advantages over other, more traditional, methods of smoking.

Since dabbing first started to become popular in 2011, we have seen the introduction of various innovations which have taken the experience to a higher level. We first started to see nails with and without domes, and carb caps soon came after. Next up was the electronic nails, or e-nails, which sought to remove the need for a flame torch.

The latest development, allowing you to enjoy your concentrates even more, is the additional of Quartz Bangers. Provided by the people at Yo Dabba Dabba, these uniquely shaped nails provide various advantages over other nails in terms of convenience, durability and taste.

Quartz Bangers: Next-Level Nails

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits Quartz Bangers provide:

  • Made from quartz – Quartz Bangers are constructed with 1.8 – 1.9mm thick quartz to retain heat for longer, allowing you to enjoy more dabs per heat-up.
  • Heat directed away from glass piece – The unique shape of these Quartz Bangers minimizes the transfer of heat from the nail to the glass piece that it’s fitted to, meaning that your device will last for longer.
  • Quartz tastes better – In comparison to titanium and ceramic, quartz nails provide a cleaner hit. Isn’t that what dabbing is all about?

Providing such obvious advantages over other nails, there really is no better way to enjoy your dabs!